How Qwertyword Ltd happened

When I worked in translation, I was surrounded by my partner’s old MBA textbooks. I complained to my colleague that these books were crowding out my Japanese collection. Sell them on Amazon, she said. They sold, and I left translation and set up my stall in the bustling book market. It was where I was meant to be. 

How the used book market has changed

When Amazon first opened up to second-hand book merchants, anything and everything was selling. Buyers replaced their lost or damaged books. They found the books that had been lingering on their wish-list.

Mainstream titles now boom online as much as in the high street. But now, the international online market makes unusual and older as well as best-selling titles easier to find. It happens so often: we lend a favourite book, and the loan is…. rather too permanent! Now you can find a copy online and make an inexpensive gift of a book you recommended. 

How Qwertyword Ltd has developed

Qwertyword has evolved with the market. We re-circulate academic texts, vintage classics, and fine but niche books. We use AbeBooks and Amazon. In the UK and globally, these two platforms have the widest and deepest reach. We enhance our listings to ensure the books can be found and fully identified. We provide the accurate statement of condition so important to buyers of high-value books.

These platforms supply a secure framework for international transactions, legally and financially, so buyers and sellers can trade with confidence. You’ll be able to see your books on them, with their prices. If buyers need more reassurance before ordering a book, they know they can contact us directly to learn more.  Also they enable us to simplify our order processing. Orders can be automatically downloaded into our postal software. Any overseas sales tax or VAT is collected from the buyer at the point of purchase.

The appeal of books

Books can leap across the gulfs of time and culture – if they’re read, that is! No wonder collectors love their books. At first, some collectors feel reluctant to part with them. With Qwertyword, they know they’ll get a good price and their books will provoke and inspire anew. Celebrate the completion of a project by selling the specialist books you no longer need. 

We can identify a book of exceptional value, in which case we obtain an expert appraisal and put it to a specialist book auction for the book. This allows collectors world-wide to compete for the book, netting you the best price possible.