Our selling service

We sell specialist books worldwide mainly on behalf of academics, collectors, and charities in Devon and Cornwall. Within a reasonable time frame and at the best price, we sell the books they no longer need. The power and reach of international digital marketplaces combined with our personal cataloging, storage, and shipping expertise makes this happen. 

Getting you the best price

Because we pay you a proportion of the sales proceeds, the more we make, the more you receive. We invest our time into maximizing the return on your books. We aim to equal auction houses in the transparency with which we report to you on sales of your books, the gross proceeds, and the payments we send directly into your designated bank account.

If we come across a book that has a particularly strong collectable value, we will let you know. We can arrange its sale at a specialist book auction through an international auction house. Buyers will compete on the day to get you the best price.

Can we sell your books?

Our website’s inventory pages can give you an idea of the sort of books we sell. The range of books we can sell is much wider than you would see in a second-hand bookshop. Many of these titles did not set foot in a high street bookshop. If you are not sure about your books, please contact us by phone or email. Have to hand any details about them you may have already observed. No need to write up a list of them. A conversation, or photographs of your bookshelves,  can give us a better idea. We also know what has gone from our stock because it has been sold!

Bringing your books

Our premises are not generally open to the public, and are within Dartmoor National Park. You are welcome to visit us by appointment and we will send you directions. Usually visitors bring a carload of the sort of books they might be interested in selling, and come back to us with more as they start to see sales of their books.

Unsorted deliveries

  If you have a large volume of books, we can sort through them ourselves to identify what is saleable. Books we cannot sell are donated to a charity or a book recycling service. This will probably only be worthwhile if the cost of dropping off the books with us is low (for example, if you regularly pass between Cornwall and Devon on the A30 and can drop in). We are very close to the A30 junction with the A386 for Tavistock and Plymouth. We are a 35-min drive from Exeter (26 miles) or 45 mins from Plymouth (also 26 miles).