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We sell mainly hard-to-find books on major international online platforms on behalf of people such as book collectors, retired academics etc looking to clear or restructure their libraries. Often these are academic books that were never available through normal bookshops rather than best-sellers.

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This is a new website for our online bookselling service. Let us know what you would like to find here about buying or selling books through us! We aim to fill the gaps in the market so we’d like to know what problems you have and what you are interested in.

You can send enquiries or comments to us at anytime by contacting us or click on the email link below:


What we sell

We sell hard-to-find books that often were not sold through ‘normal’ bookshops in the first place, such as academic books and specialist interest books. For more about what we sell, please click through to our inventory page

For advice on whether your books are suitable for us to sell, please contact us

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